Structured Cabling Solutions

Copper & Fiber Structured Cabling Solutions

JAYCOR offers several passive structured cabling systems for both copper and fiber networks. Full cabling and patching platforms for LAN environments, including high-density solutions used primarily in data centers where high volumes of connections and density are the key requirements, as in optical distribution frame installations. Stand-alone patching solutions include Zone, Consolidation MDUs and In-Suite Enclosures.

Copper & Fiber Solutions

Copper Solutions

Belden Copper Systems Provide Reliable, End-to-End Networking Performance

Cabling is the core foundation of every network — its ability to provide high-performance, reliable transmission is essential for carrying out day-to-day business operations. From critical data center links that connect network switches and servers, to horizontal and backbone links that deliver voice, data and video for networking, communications, audio visual, security and building management applications, Belden has end-to-end copper cabling systems to address your current networking challenges while providing bandwidth and scalability for the needs of the future.

Fiber Solutions

Fiber Systems for In-Building Cabling

Build a Fiber Product Portfolio to Fit Your Project Requirements Belden’s fiber solutions are built for easy installation, to handle various density requirements and to support simple and on-demand scalability. Paired with our unmatched collaborative approach to service, Belden is right there with you: We’ll help you build a fiber solution that meets the requirements of any project.

his guide includes a product selector to help you get started with selecting the right system—from the media type to the system type. It also includes local area network (LAN) and data center (DC) system selection examples, followed by media and system types with associated hardware and accessories.

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