CloudRail – Managed OT to Cloud Connectivity

IIoT — Proving Value Fast & Easily Scale Afterward

Data for the Industrial IoT

CloudRail is a fully managed solution to acquire data from industrial environments, preprocess it locally and send it to any cloud — Plug&Play. CloudRail works for greenfield as well as brownfield applications. It uses industry standards like OPC-UA to connect modern equipment, while old machines are retrofitted with secondary sensors. A database of over 12.000 sensor definitions in combination with automated data normalization and device provisioning reduces the setup time for connecting a machine to the cloud from weeks to just hours.
Besides faster time to value for IIoT projects, CloudRail provides a cloud-based device management solution which allows enterprise customers to securely roll-out, manage, and update thousands of globally distributed edge devices.
1. Connect

Connect industrial assets in hours instead of weeks — no matter if it’s modern or legacy equipment.

2. Scale

Seamlessly scale from a first PoC to large IIoT ecosystems using a sophisticated roll-out process.

3. Operate

Centrally manage up to millions of gateways across multiple sites. Automatic remote updates keep your installations secure and compatible.

One Powerful Connectivity Solution

CloudRail acquires all data from the shop-floor (OT) and provides it ready-to-use for your IIoT application (IT). Modern machines or factory management systems are connected via OPC-UA. In brownfield scenarios secondary sensors are used to retrofit old assets. Additionally Modbus allows the connection of, for example, energy meters. CloudRail is compatible with all major cloud platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba, Google and many more.


Plug&Play support of over 12.000 industrial sensor models for IIoT retrofitting.
(ifm, Turck, Pepperl+Fuchs, Sick, …)


Connect any OPC-UA source like PLCs, SCADA Systems or middleware like PTC Kepware or Ignition.

Cloud Platforms

Connect to all leading cloud platforms or on-premise systems — even in parallel.

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