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Garrettcom products are used in applications where high reliability under harsh conditions is a primary consideration. These include power utility substations and similar smart grid operations centers, surveillance and physical security, transportation facilities, industrial and factory automation, telecommunications, water treatment, and outdoor applications.

Managed Switches

Managed Ethernet switches designed for harsh industrial environments

Features & Benefits:

  • Application Flexibility: Highly configurable solutions for demanding applications such as transportation, power utilities, physical security/surveillance and more
  • Ruggedized Design: Solutions designed for use in industrial and heavy-duty outdoor applications

Unmanaged Switches

Unmanaged Ethernet switches designed for harsh industrial environments

Features & Benefits:

  • Designed for Harsh Environments: Reliable operation in rugged industrial conditions
  • Cost-Saving: Bring greater power to more devices without an external power supply

Media Converters

Flexible, edge-of-network Ethernet switches to convert copper media to different fiber types

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy Deployment: AC power for all models, factory floor and outdoor models with integral DC terminal blocks, easy DIN rail and rack-mounting options
  • Network Flexibility: Multiple product families provide 100 Mb or 10 Mb fiber ports and up to two 10/100 copper ports supporting IEEE 802.3u
  • Fiber Flexibility: CSG14U provides two SFP open transceiver fiber ports and one 10/100/1000 copper switch port for high-bandwidth applications

Network Accessories

Essential industrial network accessories from GarrettCom to complement your networking solution

Features & Benefits:

  • Ensure Longer Life: Industrial-grade design withstands harsh environments
  • Maximum Flexibility & Reliability: Trusted components that support the ultimate performance of your end-to-end network solution

Routers and WAN

IEC 61850-compliant routers ideal for large substation or similar installations

Features & Benefits:

  • Advanced Routing & Security: Combined capabilities of L3 switching and WAN routing
  • Legacy Infrastructure Interfacing: Support for legacy T1E1 and DDS interfaces and non-Ethernet communication
  • Expandable & Modular: All gigabit ports with 4-port up to 10-port GbE LAN options in configurable slots

Serial Communication

Rugged switch converters offered by GarrettCom, ranging from copper Ethernet to Fiber

Features & Benefits:

  • Built to Last: Packaged in rugged, industrial quality, these products can operate in a variety of temperatures and applications
  • Hazardous Location Ratings: Class 1, Div 2 – Certified for use in hazardous locations in the US and Canada
  • Flexibility: Multiple serial varieties available (RS232 Single Channel, Multi- Channel and RS485 models)


GarrettCom software is designed for harsh environments and complex networks

Features & Benefits:

  • Redundancy: Featuring a number of redundancy mechanisms to meet any requirement
  • High Availability: Detecting overload situations offer the option of disabling ports in addition to various filter functions
  • Security: Comprehensive security to protect networks against attacks and operating errors
  • Legacy Protocols: Support for legacy protocols such as Serial and Modbus

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