About Us

Our History

Our journey as JAYCOR began with a man named Simon Pokroy. In 1954 Simon started his own company called Ariel Electrical and asked his son Jeff to join the company in 1974. Jeff started out as an external sales manager, and soon the business moved from solely being an electrical company to being Ariel Cable, diversifying their range to a bigger focus on cables. Simon eventually sold the company to Delta Group PLC in 1981, and the company hired Jeff as the managing director where he worked for a few years.

Jeff had always wanted more for himself and decided to start his own company, thus JAYCOR International Pty Ltd was created in March 1987. Our name is a combination of “JAY” for Jeff’s nickname and “COR” is short for corporation. As we ship internationally, we added “International” to our name, thus creating the JAYCOR International we are known as today. Initially established as an electrical cable distribution business, servicing electrical wholesale and industry markets, we have expanded during our decades in business. 

Over the years JAYCOR has branched out, has partnered with other companies and is no longer a solely family run business, however we do still have some Pokroy family members still working within the business. There is no longer a core focus on cables, but instead various product offerings available to our customers.

Who we are now

JAYCOR specializes in the broad distribution of technology components with a strong focus on connectivity, delivering mission-critical products for enterprise, industrial and state-owned enterprises, OEM’s, tech-startups, electrical wholesalers, broadcasters, and many other types of businesses.

Your Key Strategic Partner in Building Connected Infrastructure

  • Providing innovative connectivity and signal transmission solutions across Africa
  • Supporting and connecting Industry 4, IoT and IIoT technologies
  • Supply-chain-distribution, deployment and implementation of our products, services, and solutions for connected-infrastructure
  • Servicing multiple industry sectors and verticals
  • Procuring goods and services from both local and international OEMs, Software IPs and global leaders in distribution
  • Partners with industry-leading system integrators (SI’s) within various industry verticals

JAYCOR is proud to be a Level 2 B-BBEE company with 53.5% Black Ownership (34% Black Woman), a portfolio company of Sanari Capital and Moshe Capital.

Board, Executive and Management Team

Greg Pokroy

Chief Executive Officer, Director, EXCO, 10X

Appointed CEO in 2018, established the company’s Enterprise Infrastructure and Software divisions. Leads 10X strat-initiative

Mametja Moshe

Non-Executive Director

Founder and CEO of Moshe Capital. 15 years in principal investments & corporate finance advisory. Previously Capital Partners, Morgan Stanley, UBS, KPMG.

Moushmi Patel

Non-Executive Director

8 years in PE, investment banking and leverage finance, 12 years financial services, previously Rand Merchant Bank, PWC.

Sabeeroh Abrahams

Sales Manager, EXCO, 10X

Sales Manager driving CORE sales to scale, with 5 years prior sales experience in IT and data analytics at ESET and Credence Security.

Craig Malingo

Senior Account Manager

10 years with JAYCOR, appointed sales manager of the core-distribution division in 2019.

Pam Pokroy

Non-Exec Director, EXCO

33 years as CEO of Specialized Personnel, joined JAYCOR in 2015.

Jeff Pokroy

Technical Director

Founder, with over 45 years experience in SA cable/conn market.

Leah Shay Paul

Junior Marketing Manager, EXCO, 10X

Digital marketer and culture chair for JAYCOR. Previously 4 years with Zando working in UX/UI , PR, branding and other marketing activities.

Sivu Mtshaka

Junior Finance Manager, EXCO, 10X

Formally Snr. Cloud Accountant at Iridium Business solution. Joined JAYCOR’s finance dept. 2 years ago, and quickly rose through the ranks to be appointed Jnr Finance Manager.

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