Connected Infrastructure

Infrastructure, Hardware, Cabling, & Connectivity

JAYCOR specializes in the broad distribution of technology components with a strong focus on connectivity. Delivering mission-critical signal transmission solutions for enterprise, industrial, and broadcast businesses in Africa.

  • We are a key strategic partner in building connected infrastructure:
    • Providing innovative connectivity and signal transmission solutions:
      • Industrial, enterprise and broadcast cable infrastructure.
      • Connectors, patching and cords.
      • Industrial and enterprise switches, media converters, gateways and other active signal transmission equipment and accessories.
      • Racks, enclosures, accessories, and tooling.
      • Infrastructure asset management software.
    • Supporting and connecting Industry 4, IoT and IIoT technologies.
    • Serving multiple industry sectors and verticals, including mining, energy, oil & gas, AV broadcast, ICT, Cloud, and telecoms.
    • Procuring goods and services from both local and international OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), so􀅌ware companies and global leaders in distribution.
    • Partnering with industry-leading system integrators (SI’s) within various industry verticals.

Connected Infrastructure Solutions

Rack Infrastructure, Environmental Monitoring, UPS & PDU’s

JAYCOR offers a selection of brands for racking, cabinets, power distribution units, monitoring, and airflow management products to meet your connected infrastructure needs, and optimize system performance.

Copper & Fibre Structured Cabling

JAYCOR offers several passive structured cabling systems for both copper and fiber networks. Full cabling and patching platforms for LAN environments, including high-density solutions used primarily in data centers where high volumes of connections and density are the key requirements, as in optical distribution frame installations. Stand-alone patching solutions include Zone, Consolidation MDUs and In-Suite Enclosures.

Industrial Networking

A broad portfolio of ruggedized managed Ethernet switches that are engineered for reliable performance in harsh industrial environments. With Layer 2 (data link layer) and Layer 3 (network layer) options, you’ll find just what you need in our Hirschmann and GarrettCom product families.

Industrial Cabling & Connectivity

Industrial cables are designed to withstand the destructive conditions commonly found in industrial applications, such as temperature extremes, humidity/moisture, dust and oil. Invest in cable with proven performance and reliability to significantly reduce system failures and avoid costly downtime.

AV Broadcast Transmission Solutions

Broadcast Connectivity Solutions

To support increased bandwidth demands in broadcast and entertainment environments, JAYCOR offers a wide variety of products and services to support studio and outside broadcast applications:

  • Pre-terminated Broadcast Assemblies using SMPTE hybrid, tactical fiber, coax, triax and audio cables.
  • Analogue and serial-digital audio & video cables, connectors, patch panels and cords.
  • Broadcast, AV, and security racks/cabinets are designed using the same top-quality, user-friendly principles that go into all our market-leading solutions.
  • Active transmission switching and media conversion.

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