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Macmon solutions protect heterogeneous networks from unauthorized access thanks to instant network visibility. The products macmon NAC (Network Access Control solution) and macmon SDP (Secure Defined Perimeter) are used worldwide to protect networks and cloud resources from unauthorized access

macmon Network Access Control Software (nac), enables you to get a complete network overview and controls access to protect you from any threats.

macmon Secure Defined Perimiter (sdp), secures your communication with corporate resources in the cloud and in local networks.

Macmon NAC

With macmon Network Access Control (NAC) you gain transparency, secure authentication and granular access control in critical networks. macmon NAC gives the IT and OT department an instant network overview with graphical reports and topology. You secure your OT environment by keeping all nonessential devices off the network and creating security zones based on criticality. This can be and immediately handled with an automatic, dynamic set of rules. Implementation is possible within a day, and the interface is intuitive and easy to use.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy network segmentation and threat isolation: The highest level of security is achieved by using state-of-the-art authentication methods. Automatic reaction to events. Relief of the operating team.
  • Full control over all devices in the network: Instant network overview, graphical reports, and topology. All networks can be easily segmented, and threats isolated. Visibility of OT devices and communication relations. Detection of deviations from the expected status.
  • Identification of all endpoints: No more unknown or unauthorized endpoints and no insecure devices – tangible security by regulating the access of endpoints.
  • Infrastructure manufacturer agnostic: Can be installed in any heterogeneous network. Close partnerships with a large number of IT and OT security solutions. These integrations give users real added value in their daily lives.

Macmon SDP

macmon Secure Defined Perimeter (SDP) Suite is the key for secure access to all company resources whether they are local or in clouds. macmon SDP ensures a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) that is getting more and more important in IT and OT. ZTNA is based on the IT approach of not trusting a device or a user until it is definitively authenticated, to minimalize threat vectors. As our working environment is increasingly reshaped by mobile working, digitalization, the Internet of Things and the outsourcing of various services to clouds, ZTNA must continue to be a key component of integrative IT security solutions in the future. The macmon SDP Suite takes this change into account.

Features & Benefits:

  • Ensures Zero Trust Network Access approach: ZTNA in both IT and OT environments to significantly minimize attack vectors.
  • Secure and direct communication: Additional Security through multi-factor authentication and time saving through Single Sign-on.
  • One solution for access to all company resources: Whether in the local network or in the private or public cloud.
  • A software that supports all networks: No initial investments in hardware necessary.

NAC Technical Detail

Modules Bundles Description More Info
Topology Network Bundle /  Premium Bundle Aesthetic, automated network topology visualization enables complete network visibility. Effective and efficient reporting for audits. Product Details
Advanced Security Information about the operating system, domain name and device name of an endpoint is collected to distinctly identify the device –this information is being used to detect, repel and locate attacks of all sorts in conjunction with the NAC feature. Product Details
VLAN Manager Efficient and effective tools for the easy implementation and operation of dynamic and static VLAN concepts. Reduction of time required for secure network segmentation and management. Product Details
802.1X Authentication using macmon‘s integrated RADIUS server based on MAC address bypass, credentials or certificates. Mixed mode through integration with existing identity stores. Product Details
Guest Service Intelligent & dynamic management of external/guest devices through a granular guest ticket system to provide secure, temporary network access on LAN and Wi-Fi. Intelligent & dynamic management of external/guest devices through a granular guest ticket system to provide secure, temporary network access on LAN and Wi-Fi. Product Details
Compliance Premium Bundle Use macmon’s unique and powerful position on the network to enforce endpoint security and compliance through third-party technologies. Product Details
Past Viewer Add-On Identification and processing of endpoint sessions. Analysis of historical data. Product Details
Switch Viewer Graphical visualization and control of network switches including port information. Advanced use of RADIUS-based user authentication for console, SSH, web GUI, API. Product Details
Scalability Maximum reliability through flexible high-availability options for local or distributed infrastructures including central management and reporting. Product Details

SDP Technical Detail

SDP Functions Description More Info
Next Generation VPN The macmon SDP feature “Next Generation VPN” is used to control access to traditional local resources in the corporate network. Product Details
Private Cloud Protection Resources in private data centers can be accessed via the macmon SDP Cloud Gateway. Product Details
Public Cloud Protection Resources in the public cloud can be accessed with macmon SDP Controller and Single Sign-on. Product Details

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