Broadcast Connectivity

Broadcast Cable, Connectors, Racks, Switches, Media Converters

Broadcast Connectivity Solutions

To support increased bandwidth demands in broadcast and entertainment environments, JAYCOR offers a wide variety of products and services to support studio and outside broadcast applications:

  • Pre-terminated Broadcast Assemblies using SMPTE hybrid, tactical fiber, coax, triax and audio cables.
  • Analogue and serial-digital audio & video cables, connectors, patch panels and cords.
  • Broadcast, AV, and security racks/cabinets are designed using the same top-quality, user-friendly principles that go into all our market-leading solutions.
  • Active transmission switching and media conversion.
Broadcast Catalogue
Product Listing
  • A/V Cables
  • A/V Connectors
  • A/V Cable Assemblies
  • Tactical Fibre
  • Switches
  • Media Converters
  • Racks & Accessories

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