Lightware MicroLidar ™

The Worlds Smallest & Lightest

Redefining the way industries measure volume and distance, Lightware MicroLidar™ give machines eyes, the awareness of objects and the three-dimensional spaces around them, detecting objects as they arrive or leave and their height and distance with laser precision accuracy.

Applications for MicroLidar™ include IoT, IIoT, robotics, small, unmanned aircraft (UAVs) and ground craft (UGVs), self-driving vehicles, distance and level measurement, and as well as obstacle detection:

  1. Distance Measurement
  2. Laser altimetry
  3. Level measurement
  4. Collision avoidance
  5. Machine-building
  6. Remote sensing
  7. Robotics

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LightWare – Saving the world’s machines, one MicroLidar™ at a time!

Technical Documentation

Name File type Extention Released
Rev. File size [MB]
SF000/B Datasheet Datasheet PDF 2020/08/17 0 0.7
SF11/C and SF11/B Manual Manual PDF 2019/02/26 9 2.3
LW20/C Manual Manual PDF 2020/10/06 12 2
SF20/C Manual Manual PDF 2020/10/06 12 2
SF22/C Datasheet Datasheet PDF 2019/11/22 0 0.4
SF23/B Datasheet Datasheet PDF 2020/10/04 1 0.5
SF30/C and SF30/B Manual Manual PDF 2019/01/24 9 2.3
SF30/D Datasheet Datasheet PDF 2020/02/19 0 0.5
SF40/C Manual Manual PDF 2019/02/05 7 0.9
SF45/B Datasheet Datasheet PDF 2020/09/04 1 0.4

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